Barefoot Stoves - naturally sourced heating

Example Installations carried out by Barefoot Stoves (see more examples on Instagram)

Contura 51l Zimbabwe Granite Hearth

Contura 51l with Zimbabwe Granite Hearth

Chesney Salisbury Flag Stone Hearth

Chesney Salisbury with Flag Stone Hearth

Clearview Vision 500 Limestone Mosaic Tiled Hearth

Clearview Vision 500 with Limestone Mosaic Tiled Hearth

Charnwood C4 Tiled Hearth

Charnwood C4 with Tiled Hearth

Clearview Vision Insert Decorative Brick Hearth

Clearview Vision Insert with Decorative Brick Hearth

Clearview Vision P400 Zimbabwe Honed Granite Hearth

Clearview Vision P400 with Zimbabwe Honed Granite Hearth

Yeoman CL3 Limestone Tiled Hearth

Yeoman CL3 with Limestone Tiled Hearth

Salamander Hobbit Decorative Brick Hearth

Salamander Hobbit with Decorative Brick Hearth

Pioneer 400 Slate Hearth

Clearview Pioneer 400 with Slate Hearth