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In England there are on average around 7600 Chimney fires per year. *

Communities and Local Government Publication - Fire Safety in the Winter

We are members of ICS which is the U.K.'s largest chimney sweeping organisation and fully insured to carry out Chimney sweeps and maintenance.

Chimney Sweep

We use the Rodtech Power Sweeping equipment and an industrial chimney sweep vacuum. We will seal the fireplace and sheets will be used to capture any soot or debris that may come out of the chimney. Once the sweep has been successfully we will provide you with a Chimney Sweeping Certificate, which is recognized by your insurance company and includes the sweep details and the safety advice given.

CCTV Chimney Inspection and Survey

We use a purpose built professional CCTV Chimney inspection system, with full record & playback capabilities to identify faults or obstructions. CCTV can be used for a number of situations: vital safety checks on chimneys when moving into a new home and inspect blockages.

Chimney Repair

We can inspect and repair issues identified with chimney flues to include repointing chimney stacks, replacing flashing and blown bricks.

Smoke Tests

We can carry out smoke tests to ensure soundness of chimney flues, this helps to identify smoke leakages from the chimney flue and identifies where the issues are.

Bird Nest and Blockage Removal

Bird nests or blockages lodged in your chimney can also cause problems by blocking the flow of air through the flue as well as catching fire. We have specialist equipment that can remove the debris safely.

Chimney pot, Cowl and Bird Guards fitting

We can install new or replace existing chimney pots, cowls and bird guards. Capping disused chimney flues will minimises heat loss provide 100% protection against rain, leaves, nesting birds etc.

Carbon Monoxide (C.O)

Carbon Monoxide (C.O) Alarms supplied and fitted.


Multiple chimney discounts available.

  • Chimney Sweep
  • CCTV Chimney Inspection and Survey
  • Chimney Repair
  • Smoke Tests
  • Bird Nest and Blockage Removal
  • Chimney pot, Cowl and Bird card fitting
  • Carbon Monoxide (C.O) Alarms supplied and fitted
  • Multiple chimney discounts.